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Train for an upcoming race, competition or climb.
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Individualized Plans & Workouts

Goal Driven

Want to increase your performance level? Training for an event? Pedestal generates fitness plans tailored to your goals. Use it to improve your overall fitness level, or to prepare for something more specific, like a marathon or mountain climb.


Sick or busy? Pedestal's fitness plans will auto-adapt to account for this. If sick, work loads will decrease and gradually taper up. If busy, work loads will increase to keep you on track.


Fitness plans give you optimal guidance, while still allowing you to personalize each workout. Everything from your choice of strength training and cardio type, to your preferred instructor and studio lighting.

Select from 14 different music categories to keep you motivated during your workouts.

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Access the knowledge of professional coaches.

Basics of Periodization

Pedestal uses periodization—the athletic gold standard—to generate fitness plans.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Training Hours

Periodization optimizes performance by systematically increasing training intensity and volume, while allowing time for proper recovery and adaptation. Periodization focuses on achieving long-term goals, rather than just short-term gains.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Training Effect

More is not always better. When your training time is calculated properly, you benefit from the effects of supercompensation.

During supercompensation, the body overcompensates for the stress by building more muscle tissue, increasing energy stores, and enhancing the ability to perform the same activity at a higher level.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Long-Term Training Effect

Your periodization plan is designed to keep you training in the supercompensated state, resulting in maximized performance results.

Reach peak performance for your upcoming events.

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Cardio Training

Heart rate zones are calculated using several methods to get the most accurate results. Zone training is split into zone 1, 2, 3, as well as multizone. Your training zones will be determined by your fitness goal.

Try our treadmill, cycling, rowing, and HITT classes.

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Strength Training

Fitness plans target different muscle groups on different days to maximize results and prevent fatigue. Rep ranges and rest times are auto-calculated to keep you on track for your desired goal.

Try our gym workouts, dumbbell, and body weight classes.

Sick or busy? Plans auto-adapt to your schedule.

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Track Your Stats

Use Pedestal with Apple Health to get the most accurate fitness data. Pedestal calculates your heart rate zones based available data which may include your age, weight, sex and VO2 max. Your training routine will evolve as your body adapts and your cardiovascular system improves.

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