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Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, our fitness plans and classes enable you to reach your peak performance.

Using the science of periodization, Pedestal aims to make what once seemed daunting, achievable.

Founding Story

Founded in 2022 by:
Peter Bonac & Sara Prestley

In 2019, Peter (pictured above) was preparing to climb Matterhorn. Training involved varying his daily workout duration, muscle groups, and heart rate zones, while also ensuring he had adequate time to recover. This type of fitness training is called periodization. It varies the training load to prevent plateauing while allowing for adequate rest to avoid overtraining and injury.

The periodization process has been scientifically proven, and has been used by professionals and Olympic athletes since the 1950s. Despite its effectiveness, Peter found that planning his periodization routine was extremely time-consuming. Every day, he needed to calculate the following:

  • Number of minutes to exercise
  • Which heart zone to be in
  • Which muscle groups to work out
  • When and how long to rest

Furthermore, if he fell ill or was busy, he would need to recalculate the whole plan. This experience led to the creation of Pedestal.

With Pedestal, users no longer need to worry about the time-consuming task of planning their workouts since our app does this for them. Instead, they can focus on achieving their fitness goals while enjoying the benefits of a periodized training routine.

Basics of Periodization

Pedestal uses periodization—the athletic gold standard—to generate fitness plans.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Maximize Training with Periodization

Periodization optimizes performance by systematically increasing training intensity and volume, while allowing time for proper recovery and adaptation. Periodization focuses on achieving long-term goals, rather than just short-term gains.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Experience the Supercompensation Effect

More is not always better. When your training time is calculated properly, you benefit from the effects of supercompensation.

During supercompensation, the body overcompensates for the stress by building more muscle tissue, increasing energy stores, and enhancing the ability to perform the same activity at a higher level.

Weekly Training Hours Chart
Long-Term Performance Improvement

Your periodization plan is designed to keep you training in the supercompensated state, resulting in maximized performance results.

How Pedestal Works

You set the goal.
We make the plan.

Custom fitness plans tailored to your experience level and goals. You'll know what to train, when to train, and for how long.

One app that does it all.

Cardio and strength classes, along with weight lifting and recovery, to complement sports training or just to keep fit.

Prevents plateauing.

Periodization is used to vary the training load. Heart rate zones and weight lifting suggestions are calculated to get you to peak performance.

Adapts to you.

Your program will auto-adjust to account for missed days if you’re sick, injured or busy. Workout anytime, anywhere—with or without equipment.

Contact Us

For any questions or enquiries, please contact Sara Prestley using the email below: